Discover your new favorite hangouts is a new discover nearby happy hours, ladies nights and just a great time in nearby venues.

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Best bars in town

Discover the best venues in town. Whether you're looking for an old Irish pub or a modern dance club, we got it.

Meet new people

Meet up with friends, but them a round. And on top of that, make new friends and get them to byu you a round!

Ladies, we got you covered

Wish to hang out with your girlfriends, and catch up? We have a number of ladies nights happening every night, where women enjoy free drinks (or at least big discounts).

How does it work?

It's actually extremely simple; when you start the app, we look for nearby venues that have a promotion goin gon, and we tell you about it, that's all!

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If you own or operate a venue that offers happy hours, such as a bar or a club, we would be love to have your events hosted on our platform

We're still finalizing everything, but feel free to email us as to stay in touch with us. That way, we can enroll you when all systems are up and running!

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